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Dulce de leche Churromania

Dulce de leche, also known as manjar, manjar de leche, arequipe or cajeta, is a dairy product produced by cooking milk with sugar and is generally used as a dessert topping or spread.

There are various stories about the origin of dulce de leche. Despite the fact that several of the countries where it is produced claim its invention, none bears the designation of origin. It is believed that dulce de leche was originally eaten and prepared in Indonesia, in Southeast Asia, and from there it was brought to the Philippine Islands around the 6th century. From the Philippine Islands, which fell under Spanish rule since the mid-16th century, it was exported to America and from there, dulce de leche began to multiply throughout the continent, each producing its own version. It is normally prepared from cow's or goat's milk and sugar with the addition of sodium bicarbonate, boiled until the sugar caramelizes and the milk evaporates. The soft, sweet caramel that remains brown.

In CHURROMANIA® it is one of the most requested toppings in our stores to enjoy any of our sweet options with churros or ice cream. That is why at CHURROMANIA we have launched our perfect Dulce de Leche to enjoy with the best churros on the market. You can also get it in an individual presentation to enjoy at home, ask for it in our stores.

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