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Privacy policy



CHURROMANIA® is pleased to present its website in a useful and simple way while respecting your privacy.

We make a great effort to protect the privacy of Churromania® Internet users, using "cookies" (pieces of information that a page transfers to the person's hard drive to save records) only to improve your experience we collect impersonal information anonymously.

CHURROMANIA® through "cookies" collects the information voluntarily provided by visitors to the website, such as name, surname, addresses and email, in order to know the opinion of our website, products or to receive registration in any of the brand's promotions.

This information is used exclusively by CHURROMANIA® internally, to improve the experience on the page or fulfill requests. The information is in no case sold or transferred to third parties or disclosed by any means.

You can find on this web page links to other pages as a suggestion, but we are not responsible for their content; visitors should review the use and privacy policies of each of them, in order to determine whether they wish to interact with them or not.

CHURROMANIA® reserves the right to use or disclose any information when it is necessary to comply with the laws or requirements derived from any investigation and/or matter of public safety.

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