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World flour day

March 20 was chosen by the National Day Calendar as World Flour Day, one of humanity's most important staple foods and well accepted by the population. With the celebration of this day, the importance of flour in the history of civilization is highlighted, allowing the survival of man for more than 10,000 years.

Flour is the powder obtained from grinding a cereal, which can be wheat, corn, oats, rice, rye, barley, spelt or any other. Flours can also be obtained by grinding different foods such as legumes, for example, chickpeas, beans or soybeans, or fruits such as chestnuts; or flour obtained from by-products of the meat industry such as bones. What all flours have in common is starch, which, thanks to its components, is largely responsible for the properties of the flour. The grinding is done between millstones or steel wheels, formerly moved by animal power or by the force of the river or the wind itself. Currently this grinding process is fully mechanized. For farmers and flour processing industries, it is a day of gratitude and hope, as the seeds are sown and the crops are harvested. In the northern hemisphere, spring begins, sowing time, while in the southern hemisphere It's autumn, harvest time.

Products made with flour are part of the daily diet of billions of people in all parts of the world, flour is one of the most consumed foods, in the form of bread, cookies, cakes, pasta, and of course our delicious Churros, etc. We cannot imagine the world without consuming foods made with flour, we cannot imagine the world without our delicious Churros, which is why we invite you to celebrate this great day in CHURROMANIA®, Share it with your family or someone special. Happy World Flour Day!

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