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World Empanada Day

Every April 8, World Empanada Day is celebrated. The empanada is a very versatile typical dish for any event, plan and meeting, since it presents many possibilities to taste in its filling. In all the autonomous communities this recipe is made with a characteristic filling depending on the regional product.

The name empanada comes from the Spanish empanar, whose first meaning is "to enclose something in dough or bread to cook it. The basic ingredients to prepare a good empanada are very simple. Wheat or corn dough cannot be missing and the filling is to taste. consumer There are many types of empanadas, each zone has a more popular one depending on the regional product. The venezuelan empanadas They are crescent-shaped cakes, which are made from cornmeal, which makes them distinctive from other types of empanadas and they are mostly fried. We can say that they are the sisters of the arepas and they make a combo with the tequeños at breakfast time, a salty snack or for dinner. A wide variety of fillings is generally used, the most common being stews such as ground beef, shredded beef, chicken, ham, and cheese. Most of the people accompany the empanadas with some sauce that is added with each bite, the favorite is the garlic sauce, pink sauce, tartar and of course a good spicy sauce.

We invite you to celebrate this day by enjoying some freshly prepared empanadas in any of our CHURROMANIA® stores, we have 3 fillings available: meat, chicken and cheese.

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