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Sweet condensed milk

Did you know that condensed milk was one of our first toppings for the TwistMania®?. When we started our business more than 26 years ago, we wanted to offer our customers a unique flavor experience, so we didn't settle for offering traditional churros with sugar or chocolate, we went further. We create the TwistMania®,stick shaped churros drizzled with 2 flavors of topping, one of them was condensed milk. Today we want to tell you a little about the history of this wonderful food that is present in many desserts.

Condensed milk, as we know it today, is obtained by extracting the water and adding sugar by heating it under vacuum. Thanks to this process, we can enjoy all the benefits of packaged milk for longer. It is an energetic product, a thick mixture where all the nutrients: carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals and trace elements are concentrated compared to those of the original milk. Of the vitamins; we can highlight A, D and folic acid and minerals; calcium, phosphorus, zinc and magnesium. Its origins date from the 19th century, when food poisoning was very frequent, many were due to the consumption of spoiled milk and a way was sought to preserve it for longer, since milk was a staple in the diet of the population and, above all, children. The French scientist Nicolás Appert carried out an experiment in 1822 evaporating the water from milk in a water bath. This was the first step in the history of condensed milk to improve milk preservation. Years later, in 1835, the Englishman William Newton went a step further in the preservation of this food by heating it at a lower temperature and adding sugar, which served as a preservative. It was 20 years later that Gail Borden founded the New York Condensed Milk Company and patented what we know today as condensed milk. The North American Civil War was responsible for this product becoming popular as it was a great solution to feed the troops on the battlefield, becoming a great success from then on.

It is surprising to learn about the contributions that some scientists have made to the food industry, which has allowed them to be preserved, giving rise to others such as the case of condensed milk.

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