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SuperBowl Snacks

Super Bowl LVII is the upcoming National Football League (NFL) championship game for the 2022 NFL season, which began on September 8. The game is scheduled to be played on February 12, 2023 at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona. It will be the fourth Super Bowl hosted by the Phoenix metropolitan area. The game will be televised nationally.

In the United States you live and breathe American football; this discipline appeared in 1890 and became important during the First World War, when soldiers from different parts of the United States began to play it among themselves. The game represents the mythology of individual effort and teamwork. It is a reflection of the state of the collective psyche: fierce, combative, rudeness as something acceptable. This sport brings together discipline, commitment, sacrifice and mental rather than physical strength, characteristics that could define the North American. The social influence of American football in the United States is very great, which is why in the 50s it displaced baseball as the national sport. There are 6 months of season, which are enjoyed to the fullest and this Sunday, February 12 will be the peak moment of the Super Bowl, everything is ready for the show, which is not only enjoyed from a sports perspective, but also from an economic and social perspective.

This February 12 is an excellent opportunity to enjoy some delicious CrispyMania®, TwistMania®, BigMania® or ChurroBites, our stuffed churros, glazed with sugar, sugar and cinnamon or Chocolate, Dulce de leche, Nutella, Guava, Cream Cheese or Condensed Milk topping. You also have our option available with ice creams are the CHURROMANIA® Icecream and the CrispySundae and our ChurroS´mores a delicious combination of churros with marshmellow and the topping of your choice.

Remember that you can place your order through UberEats, Doordash or Grubhub who will gladly bring you our products with the best quality and good service. We ship them directly to your location, or you can order and pick up your order at the store of your choice.

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