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National Hot chocolate day!

In the United States, the love for hot chocolate is such that January 31 is dedicated to it as National Hot Chocolate Day. This day we celebrate the warmest and most important day of winter. Although it is true that the origin or creator of this celebration is unknown, it is an excellent occasion to have the excuse of having a hot, rich and creamy chocolate in a cup.

The hot chocolate or hot chocolate is a preparation whose main ingredient is cocoa powder, which is used to make chocolate, and sugar, flour, and sweet spices such as cinnamon or cloves are usually added, without However, the recipe may have slight changes depending on the country in which we are. You can take it in a thousand ways, you don't have to be very sweet to like the hot chocolate. We can think of a perfect way to celebrate this day. Do you know how? Exact!! Having a good cup of CHURROMANIA® hot chocolate accompanied by its unmistakable companions, some delicious CrispyMania®, TwistMania®, BigMania® or ChurroBites our churros glazed with sugar, sugar and cinnamon, filled or glazed with Chocolate, Dulce de leche, Nutella, Guava, Cream Cheese or Condensed Milk topping, crunchy churros, freshly made. We also have it available in Publix, BJ´s stores, our frozen churros CrispyManía® Pre-fried,that you can order and in a few minutes enjoy with your family.

We must take advantage of the fact that we are still in winter, because it is the best remedy for the cold. So prepare your cup with churro in hand and let's celebrate the day of chocolate caliente, upload your photos and tag us in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tik Tok, YouTube or LinkedIn.

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