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Let's celebrate Social Media Day

Today is social media day, and what better way to celebrate it with CHURROMANIA®! Social Networks Day originates from the year 2010, thanks to an initiative of the news and technology portal Mashable and whose founder is Peter Cashmore, it is a day to celebrate a means of communication that has become a global tool .

Social networks are a tool that allows the world population greater and better communication, a means to stay informed, they allow links to be created quickly and effectively, where distance is not an obstacle for personal or work relationships. are carried out, using a globalized platform such as the Internet.

Today we invite you to use social networks to post photos of your favorite churros, sharing with your loved ones and creating memorable moments. So if you're looking for a fun way to celebrate social media day, be sure to stop by CHURROMANIA®. You will not regret! Enjoy some delicious churros and make new friends while doing it.

On our social networks, you will find photos of our delicious creations and posts from our loyal followers. Follow us and comment through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tik Tok, YouTube y LinkedIn

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