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Happy Valentines Day!

On February 14, Valentine's Day is celebrated, also known as Valentine's Day or Day of Love and Friendship. This event is celebrated year after year worldwide.

We tell you a little about the history that is known about how this festivity came about; In the era of the Roman Emperor, Marcus Aurelius Claudius (214-270) it was decided to prohibit soldiers from marrying because it was believed that a warrior without family ties was braver, less afraid of risking his life. It is said that a bishop named Valentine, who believed in love, continued to celebrate marriage ties between the military, thus disrespecting the imperial decree. There are also reports of a religious man named Valentin who distributed roses in the streets. And narrations that say that there was a Valentine who cut parchment hearts and gave them to the soldiers, so that they looked at those cards and remembered their loved ones while they were in battle. Or even the story of a priest Valentine who contradicted the plans of influential relatives and, recognizing that there was genuine sentiment, agreed to formalize the union between a young Christian and his pagan bride. In ancient Rome a festival called Lupercalia was celebrated, a ritual for fertility, in the year 496, Pope Gelasio I (410-196) established that Valentine's Day should be celebrated on February 14 to create a Christian identity to replace this ritual . It was at that time that the memory of Valentine's Day began to be associated with the idea of a saint of love, of a patron saint of lovers. Since the figure celebrated by Catholicism on February 14 is so rich in controversies, given the impossibility of confirming what is reality and what is myth, the Catholic Church itself decided to remove it from the traditional liturgical calendar, already in the 1960s, after the Second Vatican Council. Thus, what was born as a pagan festival and was later absorbed by Christianity, today it has returned to being a secular celebration. The name of the saint is used, but it is no longer a Christian holiday.

Valentine's Day is known as the day of love and friendship, regardless of the religion that is professed, it is a significant cultural event for being related to these two feelings. It is an opportunity to celebrate love and affection with our loved ones; One of the best ways to celebrate this day is to surprise her taking into account those details and tastes of that special person.

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