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Happy Thanksgiving!

This year we have many reasons to be thankful, there have been many blessings received and we want to share them with you because you are part of our great family. Who would you share any of our products with on this special day?

We want to thank you because this year we reached 25 years, being the most successful churro franchise worldwide, with more than 120 stores throughout Latin America and the United States, 23 stores between Florida and Texas, 8 stores located in renowned Malls of the Simon Mall chain. We celebrate 10 years of strategic alliance with Walmart, where we will have 8 stores this year, in different areas of Florida. We launched 2 new products on the market, the Churro S´mores, a delicious sandwich of churro spirals stuffed with Marshmallow accompanied with the topping of your choice and the CHURROMANIA® Churro Shake, a delicious smoothie made with our churro BigManía®, filled with your favorite flavor, vanilla ice cream, decorated with whipped cream, both have been welcomed by you. We thank more than 40 thousand followers in Instagram, to the followers of our new account in Tik Tok. This year we released a new image on our website. We are grateful for the strategic alliances with UberEats, Doordash y Grubhub for the delivery of our stores, for the strategic alliances with Pulix, BJ´s, Mama food, Sabores Market, Meattown and others, for the sale of our line of frozen products, CrispyMania® Pre-fried and the Dulce de Leche topping. We thank our franchisees, who work hand in hand to provide an extraordinary experience of flavors and sensations to each of our clients, to all the workers, their families and above all to you, a loyal client, who inspires us to continue growing, transmitting the passion and pride of providing our products with incomparable quality and freshness.

In our products you have many options to share on this special day with your loved ones and let them know how grateful you are to have them in your life. What is your favorite? Tell us your opinion at Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tik Tok, YouTube and LinkedIn

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