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Happy mother's Day!

Today we pay tribute to a fundamental member of the family nucleus. We celebrate Mother's Day. Mothers are the beginning of life, protection, joy and hope. Being a mother does not only mean raising and meeting the needs of your children. They represent unconditional love and support in their development as people. It is celebrated in the United States, Venezuela, Colombia, Chile, Uruguay, Puerto Rico and Honduras every second Sunday of May.

Commemorating a mother's love is not limited to a specific day, every day is a special occasion to celebrate and share with our mothers. The origins of this celebration come from the Egyptian civilization, where the Goddess Isis, known as the "Great Mother" was the object of worship and homage. In ancient Greece she was the Goddess Rhea, mother of the Olympian Gods, and in the Roman Empire the Goddess Cybele, the Mother Goddess, was worshiped. Catholicism in Europe transformed these celebrations in honor of the mother goddesses and transferred it to the Virgin Mary, mother of Jesus of Nazareth. In the United States, two influential women fought to have Mother's Day recognized. They were the poet and activist Julia Ward Howe and Anna Reeves Jarvis. The latter led an active campaign that spread to the entire territory of the United States. And finally had results. US President Woodrow Wilson officially declared in 1914 that Mother's Day would be celebrated on the second Sunday in May.

This is a very important and special day for many women, they do not necessarily have to be biological mothers, on this day adoptive mothers, stepmothers, aunts, godmothers and other women who fulfill this important role as mothers are also honored.

If you have the happiness of having your mother close to her, you can share this day with her and why not, have a special detail. Surprise her with any of our delicious churros! Here are some ideas on how you can do it:

  • Invite her to any of our stores and give her a Churro Bouquet.

  • Order your favorite churro, without leaving home for UberEats, Doordash and Grubhub with the best quality and good service.

  • Prepare some delicious ones at home CrispyManía® Pre-fried in a few seconds.

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