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Guava & Cream cheese

Guava is a fruit with many properties that make it optimal to include in our daily diet. It is rich in fiber and contains significant amounts of folic acid, potassium and vitamins A and C. It is native to tropical climates in America, Asia and Oceania. Cream cheese is a type of cheese that is characterized by being spreadable. Its consistency is obtained by curdling through lactic ferments in a mixture of milk and cream. This type of cheese is usually marketed as a white cream. It was created by a milkman named Mr. Lawrence. However, it was not until 1880 when it began to be distributed on a chain under the name Philadelphia. He picked up this name because of the prestige that the cheeses of this city had.

The combination of cheese and sweet is a typical dessert of the gastronomy of several countries such as Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Colombia, Cuba, Spain, Mexico, Paraguay, Venezuela among others, made up of one or more cuts of cheese, accompanied by dulce de mold or bar, which can be quince, guava, sweet potato or others. Without a doubt, the combination of Guava with cheese is a magical combination and that is why we have included it among the available flavors of our toppings. It is highly requested in our stores, it is very popular, especially with our clients of Cuban origin, since it reminds them of typical sweets from their country. In our stores you can enjoy any of our TwistMania®, BigMania®, Churrobites, CrispySundae, CHURROMANIA® Ice Cream, ChurroS´mores, MusicMania, with guava and cream cheese topping, we also have the Guava Shake and the CHURROMANIA® ChurroShake.

We invite you to encourage yourself to try this combination of flavors, if you haven't; we know you will like it. Visit us at any of our stores or place your order online with our allies UberEats, Doordash and Grubhub to take it to the comfort of your home.

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