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Churromania® Smoothies

At CHURROMANIA® aIn addition to delicious freshly made churros, empanadas, and tequeños, we also have other products for you, as far as drinks are concerned, we have hot and cold drinks for every occasion, which combine very well with our other products; within the cold drinks we have in addition to the traditional sodas, iced tea, Shakes and our Smoothies Strawberry, Pina Colada, Mango, Guava or Passion Fruit.

Smoothies are a nutritious and healthy drink. In general, it is usually made with fresh fruits or vegetables, so it provides all the nutrients that the body needs, such as vitamins, minerals and fibers. Through it, the body feeds easily, especially if it is consumed early in the morning, which is when the body needs more nutrients. By eating cut and beaten pieces of fruit, the body ingests a high percentage of fiber, assuming a benefit for the digestive system. In addition to that, what fiber does is that it provides a feeling of satiety and the necessary energy that the body needs on a day-to-day basis. For those who have intestinal transit problems, consuming smoothies is a perfect solution. Everything is due to its contribution of fiber, since it is what prevents the blood sugar level from rising sharply. In the same way you can take advantage of the natural sugar of the fruit to sweeten the drink. The key to any smoothie is to add the right products to get a healthy drink that is also attractive to the palate.

Our Smoothies are an excellent option to cool off on these upcoming hot days of spring and summer, they are prepared at the moment with seasonal fruit pulp, slush ice and covered with whipped cream that gives it a special touch. If you have not tried our Smoothies, we invite you to do so. We know you'll like them.

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