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Churromania in all your events!

Throughout our history, as the fastest growing franchise specialized in churros worldwide, we have shown that churros adapt very well to any occasion and there are many ways to enjoy them. The celebration of birthdays is no exception. Today we want to introduce you to a new option that we bring to you.

The tradition of celebrating birthdays, it can be said that it has its origins since 3,000 BC, has been adapting and updating to the new times as the centuries have passed, incorporating different customs to what we know today. While it is true there are many ways to celebrate another year of life, but one of the things that is generally present in this celebration is the cake on which the candle is placed to extinguish, thus symbolizing good wishes for the new year. There are countless flavors and shapes of birthday cakes, one of them is churro cakes, we could not miss this opportunity to celebrate such a special date with you and that is why we now have our ChurroCake available for you, your favorite churros made into a delicious cake.

Our ChurroCake is made with stuffed churros similar to BigMania®, placed in a circular fashion, adorned with a beautiful ribbon. You can order the filling of your preference to choose between dulce de leche, Nutella, chocolate, guava, cream cheese, additionally you can order them sprinkled with sugar or sugar with cinnamon. It is available in all our stores, you just have to request it in advance. Consult your favorite store and do not stop surprising your guests with this surprise. We know you will like it.

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