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Churromania®: from Venezuela to the world

CHURROMANIA® was born in Venezuela in 1997, we saw the opportunity to address an unexplored niche in the local market, with determination we created the category of franchise churros in the country. In Venezuela, CHURROMANÍA® is considered “national heritage”, as the vice president of Profranquicias, Edgar Monserratt, referred to in his opening remarks at a talk, held at the Expofranquicias Conference Cycle in 2004.

From the beginning, we focused on creating a global brand and not a local business, thanks to the franchise model, stores were opened inside and outside of Venezuela, new markets were studied and key steps were taken in internationalization. The process of expansion outside the Venezuelan borders has allowed us to go from being a family business to a corporation with a global reach, with consolidated operations in Venezuela, the United States, Chile, Panama, Colombia, Bolivia, Ecuador, Curaçao and the Dominican Republic, capable of to successfully face and overcome the difficulties of local markets thanks to the global character in these last 25 years in which we have remained successfully in the market. When our brand crossed the border, it began to compete with all the franchises in the world, no matter how famous our brand is in Venezuela, in other countries the brand began to be known in the market and conquer customers. We chose to start with the US market, we thought that starting with the most developed country, the most competitive market in the world, would give us more experience and more added value, we were not wrong. We opened our first store in 2001 located in the Dolphin Mall in Miami, our own store, to demonstrate to foreign investors that the business worked and from there we began franchising the rest of the international stores. The second stage of expansion took place towards the Caribbean, Central America and South America, territories that have turned out to be extraordinary for the placement of our franchise.

Throughout these years, in this expansion process, we have found very different markets with high competition. Given this, we have assumed the attitude of thinking globally and acting locally, that is, reacting by adapting to each market without losing the general vision of the business. That is why we are committed to constantly re-evaluate and make adjustments based on the experiences of each case. Opening up in other markets has made us more profitable, bigger and with more responsibilities, to learn from other markets and apply that knowledge locally, billing in different currencies added a factor of versatility and sustainability to maintain balance beyond fluctuations typical of the Venezuelan market.

Thanks to this vision, today we are the leading brand in the world in our area. From which country do you follow us? Let us know at Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tik Tok, YouTube and LinkedIn

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