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Chocolate Ice cream Day at Churromania

Today June 7th is World Chocolate Ice Cream Day! A delicious dessert that everyone usually likes, especially the little ones in the home. Currently there are countless flavors of ice cream, but one of the most loved and consumed by people is chocolate ice cream, which is why every year June 7 is celebrated worldwide. The best way to celebrate this day is with a spectacular CrispySundae of chocolate or a CHURROMANIA® IceCream of chocolate, which you can buy in your favorite CHURROMANIA® store.

Did you know that ice cream became popular in 1846? Thanks to the invention of the first automatic ice cream maker. The idea came from an American named Nancy Johnson and since then, everyone knows and has tried some ice cream. Vanilla is considered the most popular ice cream flavor, but ever since the Italians froze hot chocolate in 1692, chocolate has been a close competitor.

After this, chocolate ice cream evolved to bring us the most diverse and delicious combinations. There are dozens of options only for chocolate: with sipore, with cookies, with whipped cream or with chocolate chips, in a popsicle, in a glass or in a wafer and, of course, with churros!

Chocolate ice cream is very versatile, we have combined it very well with our churros creating 2 irresistible options that you cannot stop trying, there is also our chocolate shakes. The CHURROMANIA® IceCream is made with two crunchy spirals of churro, filled with a portion of ice cream of your favorite flavor, covered with the topping of your choice. Our CrispySundae is an ice cream, served by combining the ice cream of your favorite flavor, to choose between vanilla, chocolate or cookies & cream, with pieces of freshly made churros, decorated with 2 churros in the shape of bows, drizzled with the topping of your choice, dulce de leche, Nutella, chocolate, guava or cream cheese.

Do not hesitate, celebrate this day or take advantage and enjoy the whole week with us at CHURROMANIA®, invite your friends or family and enjoy the best chocolate ice cream with churros.

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