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27th Anniversary Month Churromania®: Celebrating the Sweet Legacy

It is a time of celebration and joy in the world of desserts, as CHURROMANIA®, the largest churros franchise in Latin America, is celebrating its 27th anniversary. From its humble beginnings in Venezuela to its international expansion, CHURROMANIA® has left a sweet mark in more than 10 countries on the American continent. In the United States, where it has more than 27 stores between Florida and Texas, the brand has become synonymous with fresh and delicious churros.

A journey of flavor and tradition

Since its founding in 1997, CHURROMANIA® has been dedicated to offering its customers a unique flavor experience. Each freshly made churro is a masterpiece of flavor and texture, prepared with the highest quality ingredients with a touch of love and dedication. Each product has its own name, which makes each visit to CHURROMANIA® a unique and memorable experience.

Ariel Acosta-Rubio and María Alejandra Bravo gave life to the first corner of CHURROMANIA® delicacies in Lechería, Puerto La Cruz, Anzoátegui State, Venezuela.

The spell began in a cozy space of just 17 square meters, on a memorable day: March 21, 1997. It was the starting point of an ambitious dream that, with tenacity, dedication and unwavering commitment, materialized into the most successful franchise. successful and long-standing company specializing in churros, both in Latin America and the United States.

The pioneers, now legends, fondly remember those modest chairs from the first establishment and other endearing anecdotes, such as the need to tilt the sign due to the limited space. It is amazing to look back at the journey 27 years ago and admire the vast legacy that has been built; A feeling of immense satisfaction and pride overcomes us.

They began with a burning desire to succeed, to forge something new, with a clear vision as a guiding light. They lacked experience making churros or operating a coffee machine, but this lack did not stop them. They persisted tirelessly, perfecting their recipes until they found the one that defines them, and that still exists today in all their branches, spread across 10 countries, where CHURROMANIA® continues to captivate palates and provide a unique sensory experience to each diner.

The success was so immediate that, just nine months after the opening, the overwhelming demand prompted the opening of a second location in the same shopping center. This milestone marked the beginning of its foray into the franchise model. After defining the concept, methods and key aspects, such as corporate identity, regulations and processes, as well as distribution and logistics, they granted the first CHURROMANIA® franchise 15 months after the opening of the first location.

Today, celebrating 27 years of history, CHURROMANIA® offers four store variants, adapted to the tastes of customers and the capabilities of franchisees. We recognize that space limitations and prior experience are not obstacles to success; The real key lies in vision, perseverance and hard work.


Celebrating the success and future of CHURROMANIA®

This anniversary month is more than a celebration of past achievements; It is also a time to look to the future with excitement and anticipation. CHURROMANIA® continues to grow and expand, bringing its sweet delights to new markets and sharing the joy of its freshly made churros with people around the world. With its commitment to quality, creativity and innovation, CHURROMANIA® is poised to remain a leading force in the dessert industry for many years to come.

Join the celebration at CHURROMANIA®

If you have not yet had the opportunity to enjoy the delicious flavors of CHURROMANIA®, this is the perfect time to do so! Visit one of our stores in the United States and let yourself be carried away by a world of sweet adventures. Whether you prefer classic churros or are looking for something more creative and daring, CHURROMANIA® has something for all tastes and occasions. Come and celebrate our 27th anniversary with us and discover why CHURROMANIA® is the preferred destination for dessert lovers around the world!

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