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We keep growing!

Throughout our 25 years, as a global business specialized in churros, we have been expanding throughout Latin America and the United States, conquering markets with our unmistakable menu of products, where churros are creatively prepared with toppings and fillings. . Today, with more than 150 stores, we are present in Venezuela with more than 35 stores, in the United States with 23 stores, in Chile with more than 26, in Panama with 4 stores, Colombia, Bolivia, Ecuador, Curaçao and the Dominican Republic. For next year, the inauguration of more than 6 new stores is expected in Venezuela, Chile and the United States.

Since our beginnings, on March 21, 1997, in Puerto La Cruz, Venezuela, what began as a small project has become one of the best ranked and most innovative franchises in the international market, with a strong brand image and recognizable. This business system is what has made it possible to replicate the model, starting in other cities in Venezuela and then in other countries, starting in 2001, with our first store, in the Dolphin Mall in Miami, United States; In 2007 we began our growth towards Latin America. Successfully replicating the business model involved establishing a franchise system, creating a brand, a repeatable, uniform, attractive format, establishing an operating company, specifying processes and controls, preparing manuals, offering training, technical support, and marketing guidelines. define criteria to select operators, determine typical indicators, among others. Since then in CHURROMANIA® we have developed our own products, secret formulas and recipes so that families around the world can enjoy our products with the same quality at any time. Our stores, although they respond to standard franchise criteria, have particularities depending on the local idiosyncrasy, adapting to the particular tastes of the market in which they are inserted, a strategy that combines creative marketing campaigns with a permanent revision of the menu, to keep it updated and adapted to the changing tastes of the consumer. To this has been added the development of mechanisms that have allowed us to offer competitive prices and differentiating elements, thanks to the establishment of strategic alliances with suppliers to achieve economies of scale and the development of exclusive products.

The success of our company is due to a very clear vision of the future, perseverance, perseverance in work; acting under ethical and moral principles. From the main headquarters, located in Miami Florida, we support all the stores, CHURROMANIA® focuses on guiding franchisees hand in hand from the design, opening of their store and start-up, in order to guarantee the success of each franchisee, which is also the success of our brand. The trust of our franchisees in us and our brand has been a key factor in this expansion, as well as customer loyalty. We hope to continue growing and bringing this extraordinary experience of flavors to more people in the world with the quality that characterizes us.

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