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Tour of our stores at Churomania® Venezuela

Within the framework of the celebration of our 26th anniversary, the reopening of the CHURROMANIA® store located in the Sambil Chacao, fun level, in Caracas, Venezuela, was held on June 7. This event was attended by our CEO and Co-Founder Ariel Acosta Rubio, our Co-Founder María Alejandra Bravo, her sons Mateo and Tadeo Acosta Bravo, members of the brand, guests from the media and other attendees.

It was an excellent time to publicize the new image of the CHURROMANIA® stores, which have an open kitchen concept, where customers can clearly observe the entire preparation process, at the time of churros and other dishes; In the design of the store there is a greater predominance of white, to give a greater sensation of spaciousness, always maintaining the blue and yellow colors characteristic of the brand, including billboards of the products, advertising screens and a VIP area for the enjoyment of our customers. customers. This store is 24 years old and was the place where the company's first corporate offices operated. It is gratifying to see today all that has grown and how this brand has remained in the hearts of Venezuelans both inside and outside the country. It is a sample of the importance of perseverance, the vision of what you want to achieve, constant innovation and human talent.

Today CHURROMANIA® is present in 10 countries, with more than 120 stores in total, generating more than 1,200 jobs. In Venezuela it has 45 stores, 12 of which have recently opened, which shows that investors trust the brand and are committed to growth in this local market. Our CEO also toured various stores in the capital, among them the stores located in the Sambil Gourmet area of La Candelaria, on Level C1 of the CCCT, in the CC Millnenium Mall among others, in addition to speaking with some of the Franchisees were able to appreciate the new presentations of the products, among them we can mention the Box Manía, a box of 26 TwistMania® to share with family and friends, the TwistBox a presentation of 8 CrispyMania® with a topping of your choice, among other combinations interesting to adapt to the Venezuelan market.

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Interviews to our CEO:

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