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Start 2024 as a franchisee of the Churromania® family

Would you like to start 2024 with your own, profitable and successful business? Would you like to be part of a leading brand in the churros market, with more than 26 years of experience and presence in several countries? Would you like to have the support and advice of a consolidated franchise, which offers you a proven business model and a variety of quality products? If the answer is yes, then we invite you to become a franchisee of the CHURROMANIA® family.

CHURROMANIA® is the largest and most famous churros chain in the world, which has positioned itself as a brand recognized and loved by consumers, which has high demand and loyalty. CHURROMANIA® offers you the opportunity to have your own business, with the support of a franchise that gives you all the support and advice you need to be successful.

By investing in CHURROMANIA®, you benefit from:

  • A proven and profitable business model that allows you to recover your investment in a short time, and that generates constant and growing income.

  • A recognized and prestigious brand, which has an attractive and modern image, and which has a wide network of committed franchisees, who share the values and vision of the brand.

  • A variety of quality products, which adapt to the tastes and preferences of each market, and which are made with top quality ingredients and a unique recipe that gives them an unmatched flavor and texture.

  • Continuous and personalized training that teaches you everything you need to know to operate your store, from product preparation to administrative and financial management.

  • Technical and operational assistance that helps you resolve any problem or question you may have, and that provides you with the tools and resources necessary to optimize your business.

  • A marketing and advertising strategy that helps you promote your store and attract more customers, and that offers you materials, campaigns and events to enhance your brand.

To be a CHURROMANIA® franchisee, we offer you 4 store formats that are classified according to their location and size, and that allow you to choose the one that best suits your investment capital. These formats are:

  • Local located inside a Walmart branch: this format allows you to take advantage of the flow of customers who visit this supermarket chain, and offer them a complementary and differentiating product.

  • Location within a Shopping Center: this format allows you to locate yourself in a strategic location within a shopping center, and offer customers an ideal product for a snack or dessert.

  • Local located at street level: this format allows you to have greater visibility and autonomy, and offer customers a product that they can consume at any time and place.

  • Foodtruck: This format allows you to have greater mobility and flexibility, and offer customers a product that they can enjoy at events, parties or public places.

How to be a CHURROMANIA® franchisee? The process is made up of the following steps:

  • Pre-application: Go to our website and fill out the application form. You will be contacted by our staff and will receive the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) where you are provided with information about CHURROMANIA®, the franchise system and the agreements you will need to sign so that you can make an informed decision.

  • Review: at this stage you will carefully read the information provided and based on it you will make the decision whether or not to accept the agreements.

  • Building: the evaluation stage of possible locations and opportunities in the areas of interest for expansion of the brand in the market will begin until its definition.

  • Training: the process of designing the premises, construction, permitting and training of the franchisee will begin in everything related to the business model.

  • Opening: after completing the construction and obtaining the necessary permits, the opening plan is prepared in detail and the operation process begins by the franchisee with the full support of our brand.

Start 2024 being part of the great CHURROMANIA® family, take the first step, don't think about it anymore!

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