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Have you tried the new CrispyManía® Pre-Fried Churros?

CHURROMANIA® is now closer to you every day, with our frozen line, the new CrispyManía® Pre-fried, available in packages of 25 pieces, which you can prepare in the comfort of your home, with the same flavor and freshness that characterizes us.

You can heat them in your conventional oven or in the air fryer, they will be ready to enjoy with friends and family in just a few minutes. You can eat them with sugar, Cinnamon & Sugar or with our Dulce de Leche topping, which is also available in stores.

Every day there are more establishments where they are available, in different areas of the country, thanks to the trust and acceptance that our product has had by consumers. One of these important alliances is with Publix, who has more than 1226 stores nationwide, present in 7 states, Florida, Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, Tennessee, North Carolina and Virginia; you can buy them in the nearest store or in their online store. It will also soon be available in BJ's stores, with 216 establishments, in 17 states, in addition to our allies Mama foods, Sabores Market, Meattown and others.

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