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Happy Easter!

Easter traditions in the United States are known worldwide for their peculiarities.

Over the years, Easter has been conflated with pagan springtime celebrations. Folk traditions include a visit from the Easter Bunny, a popular symbol of spring that carries eggs that symbolize new life. In addition to the Catholic religious celebrations, the celebration of Easter in the United States is a family party that children like a lot, since during these days the famous Easter egg hunts are organized.

That day the older ones hide painted eggs full of sweets for the little ones to find. It is said that it is the Easter Bunny who hides the eggs to be sought by the children. It is a traditional moment highly anticipated by families. Weeks before, preparations begin, especially in schools, giving strength to this tradition. The origin of this tradition is unknown, on the one hand, there is a story that says that during the days of Lent (Ash Wednesday until the eve of Easter Sunday) certain foods could not be eaten, including eggs. When Easter arrived, the people finished their fast and ate copiously, eggs being part of the food. Another Easter legend in the United States tells that a rabbit witnessed the resurrection of Jesus and felt the need to tell the world about it. One way to give this message was by painting eggs and offering them to people. The Easter egg tradition is not unique to the United States. But without a doubt it is the country where it is celebrated with more enthusiasm and in a more widespread way. And they do it in a week that, on many occasions, coincides with another very popular and very different holiday: spring break.

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