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Did you try the ChurroBites?

Churros consist of a dough made with flour, water and salt. This dough is placed in a cylindrical device, similar to a pastry bag, called a churrera; The dough is pushed with a piston over a nozzle, with a star-shaped cross section, where it comes out by extrusion, it is fried in oil and once done, it is traditionally coated in sugar.

In CHURROMANIA® We specialize in preparing churros in a creative way, with toppings and fillings. We are the most recognized churro franchise in the world, present throughout Latin America and the United States with more than 25 years of experience.

If you are a lover of traditional churros, we invite you to try something different, the Churro Bites. You will ask yourself, what is that? Churro Bites they are bite size churros. The Churro Bites from CHURROMANIA® They are made with a special hollow center sleeve. We offer you several options to enjoy them, sprinkled with sugar or sugar and cinnamon or filled with any of our toppings that we have available: dulce de leche, Nutella, chocolate, Guava or Cream Cheese.

The Churro Bites Rellenos are a mouthful of irresistible flavor, you can order several with a different flavor filling and thus share with friends or family and try several flavors at the same time.

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