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Churros and Ice-cream: an irresistible combination!

Surely you already know our delicious churros, warm, freshly made, crunchy, sprinkled with the toppings that you like the most, now imagine them accompanied with your favorite flavor ice cream, that sweet combination, contrasts of temperatures and textures, an explosion of sensations in your palate that will leave you impressed. We have two options for you, our CrispySundae and CHURROMANIA® Icecream.

Ice cream, long ago ceased to be a seasonal product, to delight us with its various flavors and combinations throughout the year. We will always be willing to eat ice cream at any place or time. We love the creaminess, the lightness and the soft sweetness that leaves our palate impregnated with flavor. It is more of a sacred medicine for our soul than a dessert itself, so it is not surprising that it is among the world's favorite desserts. Eating ice cream is reliving the experience of enjoying the most special moments of our childhood, which is why we never stop feeling connected to this unique and intensely delicious dessert. The ice cream combines with our delicious churros, freshly made and they make an irresistible combination with the ingredients that we enjoy the most. The practicality of choosing an ice cream of our favorite flavor and complementing it with our churros is what transforms it into one of the great culinary wonders ever created.

Our CrispySundae It is an ice cream, served combining the ice cream of your favorite flavor, to choose between vanilla, chocolate or cookies & cream, with pieces of freshly made churros, decorated with 2 churros in the shape of bows, drizzled with the topping of your choice, dulce de milk, Nutella, chocolate, Guava or Cream Cheese. The CHURROMANIA® IceCream,For its part, it is an ice cream churro sandwich, made with two crunchy spirals of churro, filled with a portion of ice cream of your favorite flavor, covered with the topping of your choice. These combinations of flavours, textures and temperatures on our palates make us followers of the smoothness of its flavor, the purity of each of its ingredients and the warm emotions that happy family moments make us evoke. Perhaps this is one of the main reasons why we love these desserts.

If you have already tried them, tell us which one is your favourite, and if you haven't yet, we invite you to any of our stores to try them and tell us. Do you like our products? Let us know at Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tik Tok, YouTube and LinkedIn.

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