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Churromania x Miami Music Project

We recently welcomed the guys from Miami Music Project in our CHURROMANIA® Little Havana store at 1417 SW 8 ST Miami, FL 33135, These talented young children enlivened the moment with various pieces of music, showing their knowledge, skill and evolution throughout this academic season. Music and churros were combined in a happy family atmosphere.

Support from CHURROMANIA®, to music education, as a social responsibility program, dates back to 2009, when he created an organization called Viva La Vida in Venezuela. Following that same idea, to generate a social impact through music, as a vehicle for change, helping children unlock their intellectual potential for academic achievement and gain the self-confidence necessary for success, overcoming the disadvantages of poverty and inequality, in Miami, from September 2022, CHURROMANIA® become a sponsor of Miami Music Project, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that uses music as an instrument of social transformation, empowering children to acquire values and reach their full potential, positively affecting their society through the study and performance of music. music. This foundation offers free after-school programming to students, regardless of race or economic status. To the date, Miami Music Project has reached 31,000 children and youth throughout Miami-Dade County, becoming one of the largest socially transformative music initiatives in the United States. In addition to receiving musical education, students receive snacks and tutoring.

The idea is to publicize this organization so that more students and sponsors join the program to continue this noble work. Music education accelerates brain development, increases academic success, and fosters significant lifelong benefits for those who have access to it, in turn making them change agents in one way or another.

We are proud to support the Miami Music Project and contribute to the education of these young people because we know the impact it can have on society, which is why we invite you to be part of this contribution by acquiring the MUSICMANIA, churros made with a shape alluding to the figure of the musical note "Black", which can be ordered with sugar or with the toppings of your choice. With the purchase of this product a donation is made to this great project.

Don't wait any longer, visit our stores and order yours now to help this beautiful cause!

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