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Churromania® at Chase Stadium!

In the heart of football excitement and fan fervor, CHURROMANIA® makes its triumphant entry into Chase Stadium, home of Inter Miami's exciting matches, and this time with a special invitation for churros lovers and fans of the legendary Lionel Messi! 

Imagine this: the stands are filled with passion, the air is thick with anticipation and the roar of the crowd fills the stadium as fans prepare to see one of the greatest soccer players of all time in action. In the midst of all this excitement, what could be better than delighting in the sweet and crunchy taste of fresh churros from CHURROMANIA®

From the first kickoff to the last goal, the CHURROMANIA® foodtruck will be present, ready to satisfy the cravings of all the fans attending the game. And it is no coincidence that we are here when Inter Miami has among its ranks the incomparable Lionel Messi, known not only for his skill on the field, but also for his love of churros. 

It is well known that Messi cannot resist a good churro, and we don't want you to miss them either. That's why we've brought our full range of freshly made delicacies, ready to conquer your taste buds with every bite. From classic churros dipped in sugar and cinnamon to our more daring creations, like churros filled with dulce de leche or Nutella, we have something to satisfy every taste. 

But it's not just about churros, in CHURROMANIA®, we pride ourselves on offering a complete experience of flavor and quality. Our products are made with fresh, highest quality ingredients, prepared with the same passion and dedication that the players put on the field. Each churro is a crunchy masterpiece, ready to be enjoyed at every moment of the exciting game.

So next time you're at Chase Stadium, cheering on Inter Miami and admiring Messi's unparalleled skills, don't forget to make a stop on  the CHURROMANIA® foodtruck. We guarantee you a dining experience that will perfectly complement the excitement of the game. 

And for those who can't attend the stadium in person, don't worry! Our churros will be available just a click away, on our website and in our stores, so you can enjoy the same flavor and quality wherever you are supporting your favorite team. 

In CHURROMANIA®, we understand that football is more than a sport; It is a passion that unites people from all over the world. And what better way to celebrate that passion than with a delicious churro in hand, ready to enjoy while you cheer your team to victory. See you at Chase Stadium, ready to make every game an unforgettable experience!

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