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1st Churromania® Store

Our co-founders Ariel Acosta-Rubio and María Alejandra Bravo opened the first CHURROMANIA® store in Lechería, Puerto La Cruz, Anzoátegui State, Venezuela.

The magic began in a place of only 17 square meters, that March 21, 1997. It was the beginning of a great dream, which they made come true with work, perseverance and dedication until they became the most successful franchise with the longest specialized history. in churros in Latin America and the United States. Our co-founders today remember those chairs from the first establishment and other anecdotes, including how they had to tilt the sign due to the reduced space. It is incredible to look back 26 years and see everything that has been achieved, it is a great satisfaction and pride. They started with a lot of desire to succeed, to create something and with a clear vision as a north, they didn't even have experience making churros or operating a coffee machine, but that didn't limit them, they kept trying tirelessly and thus managed to create the recipe that characterizes and maintains to this day in all its stores throughout the 10 countries where CHURROMANIA® eIt is present and continues to conquer palates, providing an extraordinary experience of flavors and sensations to each of its clients. The success was so great, from the day of the inauguration, that only nine months after opening the first location, the demand forced the opening of the second location in the same shopping center. After this step, they decided to study the franchise model, and once the concept, methods and aspects such as corporate identity, rules and procedures, distribution and logistics were defined, they assigned the first franchise. CHURROMANIA®,15 months after the opening of the first establishment.

This month, marking 26 years later, CHURROMANIA® has 4 types of stores, which adapt to the tastes of the clients and the capital of the franchisees, because we know that the dimensions of the space or the knowledge of the business are limiting to be successful, we recognize that vision, perseverance and hard work are key factors.

We invite you to stay tuned on our networks because we have many surprises to celebrate with you in this anniversary month. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tik Tok, YouTube and LinkedIn.

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