TWISTMANIA is CHURROMANIA's most original signature product. With toppings like: chocolate, dulce de leche, strawberry, caramel, guava and sweet condensed milk and many more. Delicious and personalized combinations can be created!!!


Our heartfelt favorite... always fresh and hot, these crispy fritters are a real treat covered with sugar and cinnamon. Pair them with coffee or better yet, a traditional hot chocolate for dipping! A winning combo for breakfast, lunch or any time of day!




Imagine a giant churro... rich and crispy with a creamy filling of your choice. Oh... BIGMANIA® is an irresistible experience for total self indulgence, or why not - it's big enough to share!






A winning combination to accompany any churro selection and our most popular beverage to drink alone, hot chocolate Churromania®, is known for its high content of some of the best cocoa in the world. Smooth and creamy and lip smacking good, our hot chocolate mix is an original and exquisite blend, made from the best Venezuelan cocoa which retains that sumptuous flavor that has made chocolate a popular beverage for centuries.