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International Youth day

On August 12 we celebrate International Youth Day, this date was proclaimed in December 1999, a date promoted by the UN that seeks to achieve the participation of young people in all areas of society, to solve the challenges they face. youth is faced every day.

The goal for International Youth Day is to engage all generations in the Sustainable Development Goals, to bring youth issues to the forefront of the international community, and to celebrate the potential of youth as indispensable partners in the construction of our global society. It is also intended to put an end to age discrimination, which affects young people and negatively influences society as a whole. This day serves to annually celebrate the role of young people as indispensable agents of change, it is an ideal day to encourage youth participation in decision-making and to advocate for policies and programs that benefit them. We currently have the largest youth population in history. According to UN data, there are some 1.8 billion young people in the world between the ages of 10 and 24. Worldwide, on this day, thematic debates and information campaigns are held, active participation in world affairs is promoted.

We, at CHURROMANIA®, want to recognize the young people in their day, who with their innovative ideas and actions are making this world a better place for everyone, especially all the young people who work in each of our stores, providing their attention and service with dedication to our clients.

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