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Homemade churros!

Who has not caused a delicious churro for snack? Surely you have seen many recipes for homemade churros and you will have been encouraged to prepare them at home.

It is not a secret that making churros is not an easy task if you don't know the exact point of the dough or the technique, when they are fried it often explodes and becomes a disaster. We know this very well, 26 years ago when we opened our first store in Puerto La Cruz, Venezuela, we did not have the exact recipe nor did we know the technique. It was after several hours of trial and error that we managed to find the recipe and the exact technique so that the dough does not explode when frying and they will be crispy on the outside.

If you want to enjoy some delicious churros at home, we have these tips for you that will simplify your life:

  • Visit our website, there you will find all the establishments where you can buy our frozen line, the new CrispyManía® Pre-fried,

  • Get them easily. Visit the mentioned establishments or place your order online, you have a pick up or delivery service depending on the establishment. Each package brings 25 units. Make sure you buy enough to share with family and friends.

  • Do not forget to buy your CHURROMANIA® Dulce de Leche or the topping of your choice

  • If you use a conventional oven, preheat it to 350°F -400°F

  • Take the churros out of the packaging and place them on a tray, if you use a conventional oven, or directly in the container of your Air frayer. No need to add additional oil

  • Bake for 3 to 5 minutes until golden and crisp.

  • Remove them carefully and pour onto a plate.

  • Sprinkle with sugar, sugar and cinnamon, Dulce de Leche CHURROMANIA® or the topping of your choice.

And just like that, enjoy delicious and crunchy churros in the comfort of your home. Try them and tell us your experience. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tik Tok, YouTube and LinkedIn.

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