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Churromania® takes the radio!

Last Friday, December 1, our CEO and co-founder Ariel Acosta-Rubio, was interviewed on the Cada Tarde program along with Marian de la Fuente, Agustín and Carlos Acosta on the radio station Actualidad 1040 AM, 103.9 FM, at 5 the afternoon, Miami time. This interview was broadcast live on our YouTube and Instagram channel.

During the interview, they talked about the tradition of eating churros with hot chocolate in the cold season, at Christmas, in Spain, for example, it is typical to eat them in the afternoon at snack time, that aroma of freshly made churros combined with The aroma of chocolate comforts the soul and reminds us of happy moments from our childhood, brightening our day, sharing it with friends, family or co-workers.

CHURROMANIA®, today, is the reference brand in the United States, when we talk about churros, a brand that was born in Venezuela, which has innovated in the creation of products based on the traditional churro, creating combinations that are an extraordinary flavor experience. that conquer the palate of our clients, who are well served in a pleasant, well-designed place, with cheerful colors such as the blue and yellow of our brands.

They also talked about how CHURROMANIA® emerged more than 26 years ago in a store of only 17 m2 in Puerto La Cruz, Venezuela, being a success from the day it opened on March 21, 1997, when a long line of customers They gathered in the vicinity of the establishment to try the churros, enthusiastically thanks to the advertising commercial by the well-known Eli Bravo.

The business arose thanks to a need and opportunity. Having a location in a renowned shopping center, they decided to start their own business. They did it in just 40 days, precisely the 40 days of Lent since they had decided to open for the beginning of Holy Week due to the large influx of tourists to the area. They decided to create the churros with chocolate market since it did not exist in the area, which is a hot coastal, beach area, which shows that churros are enjoyed at any time.

CHURROMANIA® is a family business, founded jointly with María Alejandra Bravo, his and Miguel Bravo's wife. In the beginning, María Alejandra Bravo, who is an architect and graduated from the Central University of Venezuela, was in charge of designing the premises, while Miguel Bravo was in charge of everything related to the churros, while the administrative part was his responsibility. to Ariel Acosta-Rubio. Today, his sons Mateo and Tadeo Acosta Bravo, who have grown throughout the expansion of the brand, are expert churro makers joining the family business. Ariel recognizes the work of his wife, which has been fundamental in the business, and they make up a great team that has allowed them to turn CHURROMANIA® into a legendary brand.

We are, today, a franchise chain with more than 120 stores in 8 countries, 25 stores in the United States in Florida and Texas, 8 of which are located in Walmart stores, our strategic ally. We have a growth projection in the United States of 200 stores in the next 5 years, one store every 3 miles. In addition to the products that we prepare in our stores, we have a line of products that can be prepared at home such as hot chocolate mix, made from pure top quality Venezuelan cocoa, our CrispyManía® Pre-fried, frozen tequeños and our Dulce topping milk.

Our CEO and co-founder said that one of his motivations in life was to passionately create something from nothing like Willy Wonka and that a book of McDonald's biography, which a friend gave him when they were starting, allowed him to visualize the stages of business growth and follow the model to be the largest churros franchise in the world. Among his plans is to write a book with the history of CHURROMANIA®, which serves as a reference for entrepreneurs just as Mc Donald's book served as a reference for us. A story of success and inspiration.

All those who are interested in becoming franchisees should visit our website and fill out the form or simply write to info@churromania,com where they will be gladly contacted.

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