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Christmas in the Churromania® style

Christmas is one of the most anticipated and celebrated holidays in Venezuela, a country with a rich and diverse culture, which is expressed in its Christmas traditions. Music, food and customs are essential elements to live Christmas in the Venezuelan style, and at CHURROMANIA® we want you to enjoy them with our delicious products, which will make you feel at home.

Music is the soul of Venezuelan Christmas, and there is no party without the typical Christmas carols, Christmas gifts and bagpipes, which are sung and danced with joy and enthusiasm. The traditional instruments are the cuatro, the maracas, the furruco and the tumbara, which create a unique and contagious sound. Some of the most popular songs are “Mi burrito sabanero”, “Corre caballito”, “Fuego al canyon” and “La gray zuliana”. Food is another fundamental aspect of Venezuelan Christmas, and is characterized by its variety and flavor. The main dish is hallaca, a type of tamale filled with meat, olives, raisins and capers, wrapped in banana leaves and steamed. Pork leg, ham bread, chicken salad and dulce de lechesa are also prepared. The typical drink is ponche crema, a milk cream with liquor and spices. Customs are another element that defines Venezuelan Christmas, and are based on faith and family. One of the most deeply rooted is the celebration of the Christmas bonus masses, which are held from December 16 to 24, very early in the morning, and which are attended with new and colorful clothes. Another is the assembly of the manger, which represents the birth of Jesus, and which is decorated with lights, flowers and figures. It is also customary to place the Christmas tree, which is decorated with balls, garlands and a star at the top. On December 24, Christmas Eve is celebrated, which is the most important family dinner of the year, and the gifts brought by the Baby Jesus are exchanged. On December 31, the New Year is celebrated, with fireworks, grapes, lentils and suitcases, to attract prosperity and travel.

At CHURROMANIA®, we want you to celebrate Christmas the Venezuelan style with our delicious products, which offer you a variety of options to share and enjoy such as our variety of sweet churros, CrispyMania®, TwistMania®, BigMania®, Churrobites, CrispySundae, CHURROMANIA ® Ice Cream, MusicMania, and our CHURROMANIA® ChurroShake, which you can combine with different toppings and fillings. You can also opt for our savory churros, such as the ChurroDog, which is a sausage wrapped in churro dough, or our tequeños and Venezuelan empanadas, which are ideal to accompany with a cheese sauce or guasacaca. And to drink, nothing better than a hot chocolate, a coffee, a smoothie or a shake.

At CHURROMANIA®, we invite you to visit us and try our products, which are a way to celebrate Christmas in the Venezuelan style, with flavor, joy and tradition. We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, may you be surrounded by your loved ones, may you feel peace and harmony in your home, may you receive many blessings and may you have lots of health, success and happiness.

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