CHURROMANIA® the most successful Churro franchise worldwide!!!

Churromania Franchise Brochure

The main competitive advantage of owning a CHURROMANIA® Franchise can be summarized in 3 simple and comforting words:


CHURROMANIA® is the only multinational Churro Franchise competing in the United States. So when you buy our franchise you not only own the store you own the whole Category.

There are hundreds of Hamburger, Pizza, Subs, Yogurts, Ice Cream brand franchises that fiercely compete with each other but only one brand franchise in the Churro category, and that is CHURROMANIA®

When you buy a Churromania Franchise you buy Category Leadership and thus you minimize your risk.

The CHURROMANIA® Franchise System

Prior to opening their first CHURROMANIA® store, franchisees will complete a comprehensive training program at our headquarters in Miami, Fl. This program will cover training in many areas.
During the first year of the store operation CHURROMANIA® provides on-site support. This will help to ensure operations run smoothly and that the brand concept is marketed effectively. During this time, CHURROMANIA® will also provide further guidance for developing training programs along with management and development assistance.

CHURROMANIA® Franchise Support:

  • Site selection
  • Lease negotiation
  • Store design/Layout
  • Equipment specifications
  • Store construction
  • Product preparation
  • Menu innovation
  • Store management
  • Marketing/Promotions
  • Cost analysis
  • Store support/business consulting

The CHURROMANIA® Business Drivers

  • Make Churros the #1 specialty food for Hispanics in the US leveraging the Latino culinary heritage they feel so proud of.
  • Aggressively expand in the Top US Hispanic Markets with the ideal store mix for retail chains, indoor, box and shopping malls.
  • Total Focus in product quality and development: a) Fresh, crispy and delicious churros every time and b) Use the best ingredients available.
  • Maintain a “keep it simple” operations & logistics philosophy.
  • Master Zero Waste Marketing: a) Create and nurture brand advocates b) Sampling and evangelization with the Churro truck c) Database management via Digital Marketing (Social media) and d) Low Cost – High Impact Advertising.


The Franchising Process

Step 1: Get Acquainted / Introduce Yourself


  • Complete application online
  • Wait for application to be processed and reviewed
  • Meeting with CHURROMANIA®’s Team
  • Receive and review Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) 

Step 2: Verification

  • Undergo credit and background checks
  • Provide proof of assets and financing
  • Once approved, signing of Franchise Agreement
  • Pay the franchise fee

Step 3: Match

  • Evaluate potential sites and opportunities in the area of your interest
  • Location must be approved by CHURROMANIA® and franchisee

Step 4: Almost Done...

  • Finalize lease/purchase
  • Begin construction at store
  • Begin training for franchise partner and crew

Step 5: Go!

  • Plan, coordinate and execute Grand Opening!

   FBR Top Food Franchises 2013


1. How soon can I open my store? How long does the process take?

From first inquiry to opening of the restaurant, the process takes about 3 to 6 months (depending on a number of factors, including site availability and construction process).

2. What is my initial investment?

The franchise fee for each store is $30,000. Estimated initial investment required for a CHURROMANIA® restaurant ranges from $135,000 to $335,000 depending if its a kiosk or a traditional store and the space area.

3. What are the royalty and advertising fees?

Royalty is 8% of gross sales without tax.

4. Can I own more than one unit? And how can I be assured of future locations?

Yes, you may own more than a single unit. You can lock up additional locations by signing a development agreement for multiple units. You will select a territory from those currently available; it will be a protected territory. You will pay a exclusivity right for the development that territory depending on the store potential. At that time, we will agree upon the number of stores to be opened and timetable for opening them.

5. How many employees does it take to operate a unit?

Expect to hire 2 to 3 full-time employees per store and additional part-time employees in weekends.

6. What support will I receive going forward?

You will receive real state to find the best possible locations at the best value and marketing support. You will also recieve operations manuals, comprehensive training in all aspects of the business and business modeling know how from our corporate  staff. In addition, you’ll benefit from ongoing training, research and development of new products, regular dialogues with our staff, operations support and periodic business counseling.